Paddy Whack Golf in 2018

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out the new website.  And a big thank you to any one of you that is buying or has purchased a shirt to help fund the 2018 season!

Quick review on 2017.
I did not compete on the long drive tour in 2017 because I tied the knot with my wonderful wife, Annie!  Our wedding was the same week as the World Long Drive Championships, therefore it did not make much sense for me to spend money trying to qualify, if I wouldn't have been able to go anyways!  We did add Device Pitstop in Overland Park, Kansas as a new sponsor though, and it has been a great relationship so far!  If you need a good quality refurbished computer, laptop etc., see them first!  If you have an old computer, laptop, iPhone etc, see them first!  They are great!
On the entertainment front, I added three new shots to my show that were all very well received!  The tube shot, the rope driver and the bouncy bricks (check them out on youtube)!  I didn't get to do as many events as years past (due to the events of the wedding) only 25 in 2017; but Paddy Whack Golf still helped raise over $110,000 for charities all over the country; with most benefitting here in the midwest and metro.

Now, onto 2018.
I will be competing at the open qualifiers again this year trying to get back to the Volvik World Long Drive Championships!  I have targeted four tour events this year that are offering open qualifiers. 
Paddy Whack has also gotten a new sponsor in Freedom Bank!  Having fundraised at their tournament the last two years, and what they stand for as an organization; Paddy Whack is incredibly excited and honored that they joined forces!
Paddy Whack also has a few other feelers out there for new sponsorships; if you know of anyone that might be interested or benefit from sponsoring, email

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Just a quick thank you to all of you that have supported me the past 4 years!  2018 is going to be GREAT!


Hit Ball Far!

Paddy Whack